In their groundbreaking book, Supernatural Love,
Pam and Alan Johnson show us how love and life can continue after death.

Even though her husband was a natural-born medium, Pam Johnson did not expect Alan to begin communicating with her the day after he died, but he did. His message was emphatic: they had made a soul agreement to continue their relationship after Alan's death, and not only that, they were to teach others how to do the same by chronicling their journey in a book to show the world what was possible.

Having no idea how this would happen aside from Alan's constant communication and loving presence, after two years of writing and sharing her story with her Soulmates in the Afterlife Facebook group, their book was finally written and published.

Along the way, Pam made an extraordinary discovery.  Direct contact was happening to ordinary people, some of whom did not even believe in psychics or the afterlife.  And for some of them, their experiences included ongoing physical contact.

Love and life continue after death.

The truth is, the so-called dead are more alive than we are, and far from resting on a cloud partners especially, can and want to remain engaged with us and involved in our lives if we are open to the idea. It took Pam over two years to overcome her doubts and fears so she could fully connect with Alan, but today their marriage is stronger than it ever was. Even more remarkably, Pam is happier than she was during their lackluster marriage because Alan is always with her, loving her, talking to her, and helping her in ways he could never do if he was physical.  

Their body might be gone but they are still here living side by side with us in another dimension, eager and ready to love and support us. Communication is not as difficult as we imagine. Opening our mind to the idea is the key that unlocks the door.  This is just a taste of what you will learn when you read Supernatural Love. A True Story of Life and Love After Death. 

Love never dies, and neither do we.

Grab a copy of this life-altering memoir that reveals the secret to loving someone through the veil, and discover for yourself why grief can be a powerful catalyst for a spiritual awakening that transforms and heals your life.


As you read, you just might notice your connection to the Other Side grows stronger, just as other readers have reported. 

Supernatural Love Amazon Reviews

Brilliantly Written Page Turner

Wow - this is such a powerful story with groundbreaking information for everyone who reads & believes. So grateful to the authors for being courageous enough to open the door to show us what is possible in the afterlife. This has the potential to be life-changing, comforting, reassuring & consoling. What is learned here can be a guidebook for those of us who have dear ones in the afterlife. The compassion, sincerity & love apparent throughout their story is very healing & hopeful for all!

--- Genelle G. McDonald


Connecting Through the Veil

This book will open your heart and your mind to the possibility of continuing a relationship with your loved one in spirit. Pam and Alan's story is a delightful reminder to all of us that love never dies. This book beautifully captures the journey of connecting through the veil. Warning: you will not be able to stop reading this once you start!

--- Cindy Heitman


Supernatural Love

This is not only a great book but a rare one. I starting receiving signs from my husband two days after he left this earth (in physical form) and I had so many questions. I read numerous books and watched tons of videos but none gave me the answers to what I knew to be true, that my husband and I are meant to still be connected and stay connected. Our love is still strong and will be forever thanks to this book. There is life and love after death.

--- Michelle


There Is No Death

When my son, Jesse, transitioned to heaven in 2007 I was heartbroken. In this groundbreaking memoir, Pam Johnson proves that we can connect with our loved ones to continue the relationship after they transition. That is such a comforting thought. This book, so well written with such authenticity and raw emotion, takes the reader on an amazing journey. Pam, on the earth plane, and her husband, Alan in heaven, forge a supernatural partnership with the intention to help heal the world, and to tear down the veil between the two worlds. I loved this book and I suggest it is a must read for anyone wanting to connect with loved ones in heaven. Love never dies.

--- Justine Cahn Fenu


Inspiring and Genuine

After my loved one died, I desperately needed to know more in the Afterlife. This fabulously written Memoire helped me gather my thoughts, calm my emotions and accept that the signs and wonders are real. Inspirational, thought-provoking, and a comfort, this book is a true gift to anyone grieving. Grateful to the author(s) for their courage and honesty in sharing the story. 

--- Lina Lambert



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In their groundbreaking book, Supernatural Love, A True Story of Life and Love After Death, Pam and Alan Johnson share the extraordinary story of how they found their way back to each other after Alan died, eventually overcoming the overwhelming doubts, fears, and unresolved heartbreak that separated them during their 30 year marriage to love again and show the world that love can indeed conquer all.  Even death.

Described as a "pager turner" of a read, this fascinating no-holds-barred story takes the reader behind the scenes of their nearly two-year struggle to bridge Heaven and Earth. This is a story of a great Love Interrupted, and eventually reclaimed despite the obstacles of resentment, fear, and betrayal. 

Much to her amazement Pam learned that enhanced psychic ability is not necessary to reunite through the veil because it's the eternal bonds of love that connect us are what's more important.  The determining factor is our belief system which makes contact easy or hard.   

Equally important is understanding that losing a loved one can offer a profound and beautiful spiritual awakening that can change our lives while healing our grief as we reunite with the ones we love.  

Yes, no one dies and Death is nothing but a lie.

This beautifully written, deeply personal memoir shows us what is possible if we have the courage to ignore a world that is cynical and spiritually bankrupt and instead embrace the higher truth of the spirit world that has been hiding in plain sight, interwoven into our physical reality all along.

During these challenging times, the Other Side has been actively making their presence known and felt so they can empower and help humanity.  Spirit wants to be seen, felt, and heard not only by psychic mediums but by everyone. Pam and Alan's courageous book lights the way for those brave enough to turn away from naysayers and those stuck in their fears and narrow belief systems.

Break free and experience Love from Heaven, and discover for yourself that love is indeed the only thing that is real. 

Love never dies, and neither do we.  

Though Pam and Alan worked for decades as professional mediums, it didn’t make their journey of reunion any easier, far from it. Being psychic doesn’t make someone immune from resentment, hurt, and disappointment.  

Since she had the gift of psychic hearing, Pam could hear Alan when he was comfortable talking to her, but was confused why at times he would go silent which confused and hurt her. Alan had vowed to give her everything he could, only to fail Pam when she needed him the most. Supernatural Love details the challenges faced by anyone who seeks to reach a loved one on the Other Side.

Communication and contact through the veil is complicated!  But happily as you will see when you read their book, it is absolutely possible. 

Pam and Alan teach people how to heal their grief and create new experiences with their loved ones in spirit who are still with them. They teach each week inside their private Facebook group, Soulmates in the Afterlife.

They go even deeper offering their unique teaching and support inside their Supernatural Love Academy. Besides helping students make contact with their loved ones, Pam and Alan teach spiritual principles that will help you step into your destiny with your beloved one at your side.  



Channeling Heaven Coaching and Healing Sessions


Channeling Heaven Coaching, and Healing Sessions--60-minute online Zoom sessions that offer intuitive guidance,  messages, and healing from the spirit world. Your customized session can include coaching and counseling to help you and your loved one overcome any obstacles between you so you can more easily make direct contact. The goal is to help you establish an ongoing relationship through the veil, in the same way that Pam and Alan have done.

Receive guidance and healing to help you break free of your fears, limiting beliefs, and other issues that are hindering your ability to merge and make direct contact through the veil

Pam and Alan do not do evidential mediumship, although messages from your loved one will come through; what sets their sessions apart from other mediums is that you and your loved one receive support and help from Alan who is in the spirit world as well as Pam.

Once you are accepted as a client, Alan will always be availabe to help you and your loved one until asked to stop.  

Pam and Alan's mission is to teach their clients how to develop their spiritual abilities so that they can make direct contact themselves by healing fears, emotional issues, and blockages that are getting in the way of making contact.

About the Session

$197 for a 60 -minute Channeling Heaven Session includes an mp3 recording.

Limited Availability

All sales final. No refunds. Rescheduling is allowed with an additional fee. 




The Soulmates in the Afterlife Facebook Group 


A private group for Partners and Spouses who want to remain connected to their beloved in spirit. 

Featuring free classes each Tuesday in the group.

Join Pamela and Alan in their private group where Pam first began sharing her experiences of Alan reaching out to her from the other side, as featured in their book, Supernatural Love, a True Story of Life and Love After Death.   

And it is where Pam continues to share their still-unfolding Supernatural Love story.

It was in this very group that Pam chronicled the story of Alan's attempts to reconnect with her so they could re-establish their relationship.

Alan's constant stream of messages to Pam, the many healings, and other phenomena he helped her to facilitate proved to Pam and the other members of their community that Alan had indeed not only survived death but had returned with abilities that he didn't have before.

The Soulmates in the Afterlife group is the place to be if you are in need of experiencing more love, hope, and healing. 

NOTE: You must have a loved one or partner or spouse you wish to connect to in the spirit world to be eligible to join the group. 

If you are interested in diving deeper into learning how to reunite through the veil as Pam and Alan have done, you are invited to join the Supernatural Love Academy where they teach live twice a week to help students transform their grief into a spiritual awakening that leads to a reunion with their loved ones in spirit.







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