Higher Love, Higher Empathy

August 29, 2020.                     

I get up each morning at around 3 am. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later, but always early. I love how quiet it is at that hour and when I open my eyes I always see Alan. It feels as if we have the whole wide world to ourselves. I feel into what he wants to do. There are some mornings when I stay in bed talking to him, and there are other mornings when the impulse to rise and dive into the day is stronger. Today I felt the urge to write. 

One constant in my life now is that I wake up with a sense of keen expectation. In the last three weeks, my life has become an otherworldly adventure that keeps me wondering things like what is today going to bring? Will Alan teach me something new today? Will the session with the client bring an even deeper connection between us, as it often does? Will Alan share more about his experiences of Heaven as he does occasionally?

I am very aware that what we are doing is breaking new ground about what is possible between this side of the veil and Heaven.

What we are exploring will either fascinate and inspire people or bring out their fears and vehement condemnation. It’s a good thing Alan never cared about anyone’s opinion of him. He cares about people, but not about what they think of him. I’m the same. He says that’s why we are well-matched and suited for the work, and this makes us even stronger when we join forces together. Alan wants me to remember I am his equal in every way, even though I’m still in a body.

Laughing, he says, “You didn’t have to drop your body to do this work because your consciousness is already elevated. I had to drop mine to match you!”

As often happens, today I feel his Love calling me to follow him to the bridge to Heaven that we are building. He first spoke of the bridge shortly after he passed. It’s a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

This bridge is where he says we will continue to meet and work from. Later it will be where he and I will live while I am here in my body. It is there on the bridge that we write and give our readings, it is where I feel more connected to God. 

Being with Alan amplifies everything.

He tells me I have always been a clear channel which is why he can easily transmit his thoughts to me and now that I have refined my empathic ability he can send me his emotions as well which brings in deeper understanding. I tell him it can sometimes overwhelm me during a reading when I suddenly feel his love and compassion for the client come in so strong, triggering a flood of tears. It’s not sadness, I’m just deeply moved because the Love which is his essence is so profound. Alan says this is the beauty, and the joy of being human, and that I should see my emotions as the amazing gift that they are.

For if we only knew that our emotions are the source of our spiritual power we would embrace all of our feelings and be grateful for them rather than ashamed of them.

He says we should let our emotions move through us as if they were clouds moving across the blue sky. That we should neither resist our feelings nor become overly attached to them, just let the emotions fill us up and move through us.

Relax and know that another feeling will come right after it. Which is inevitable. For that is Life, everything is always and eternally in constant motion, taking us forward with it So it is that our emotions are moving through us. Life is a rich, multi-dimensional tapestry made up of every emotion we can imagine, and all of it is beautiful if we can just allow ourselves to feel.

I promise him I will do that. It’s not as if I have a choice anymore anyway since I cry at least a few times a day. Usually, it’s because Alan’s love is so strong it floods me with emotion, but other times I feel his emotion about someone and it takes my breath away.

Through it all, each day I feel myself growing stronger and better able to stay in the higher vibrational state Alan is in. I know he is helping me with this so I can be closer to him in Heaven. He is with me always. Gently reminding me to eat or rest. Sometimes he is very close, sometimes further away, but he is always nearby. A mere thought away. I find I now need just 5 hours of sleep to feel refreshed. In Dreamtime, I can sense something is happening, and it’s difficult to go into a deep sleep, but it never seems to affect me physically. I always wake up feeling refreshed and excited. I’m never bored that’s for sure!

I always look forward to the readings we do. If I am tired, Alan lifts me up. He says he will always carry the reading and I just need to speak for us both. Each reading is different, yet the thing that is always the same is the immense Love he feels for each person. Each time his great love opens me up even more and I feel what he feels for them.

Alan told me I would become more empathic so that I could feel him and merge completely. He says this is beyond channeling. I become him in our readings, yet I am myself all at the same time. It’s an amazing, indescribable experience.

Today Alan explains that empathy has levels. There is a higher form of empathy in Heaven, where the angels and guides feel our pain and suffering but are not undone by it. How would the angels be able to send us Love if they were incapable of feeling everything we feel? This is what Alan describes as Higher Empathy. The full spectrum of emotion is available in Heaven for any soul to experience.

God is Everything.

God is inclusive and rejects nothing.

Alan emphasizes... anything.

According to Alan, empathy connects us to God and each other so we can draw strength from the Love that we are and that we all share. Empathy doesn’t have to attach us to someone’s negativity or lower energies because the soul recognizes the illusion of those emotions and energies and lets them be.

Negative energy attachments only happen when people still have issues and beliefs that match those energies. Which is perfect for we are here to explore the dark and the light, the higher and the lower, and everything in between for our learning and growth.

The answer to empathic over-sensitivity is to connect to the soul, for the soul is our true lasting protection. Anything else we do to manage our sensitivity such as energetic shielding or cutting cords or even calling on angels are temporary solutions. Which is perfect! These tools have a purpose and are useful.

However, we should know that it’s possible to become immune to negativity when the soul is in place. Alan says this is what we will help people do, it’s always been our singular purpose in every lifetime we ever shared.

To teach people how to become their soul.

When that happens, we will bring Heaven to Earth.

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