Born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, where she lives to this day in Honolulu, Pam Johnson didn’t know her maternal grandmother was herself a gifted psychic medium until she suddenly opened to her own spiritual gifts triggered by five months of intense channeling of her spirit team of guides.

Through word of mouth alone, Pam soon developed a following as people reached out to her, asking her to teach them. From the beginning, Pam’s guides told her that her mission was to work with large groups.

However, it wasn’t until Alan passed that Pam realized she was destined to work with her husband in an unconventional way, with him teaching from the spirit world as she anchored his energy in the physical world. Pam and Alan teach online, serving clients and students around the world in their Supernatural Love Academy.

Their new relationship and spiritual partnership took off the day they began to write their book, Supernatural Love, A True Story of Life and Love After Death, together.  They are currently working on a sequel to share the continuing story of their mission to awaken people to their spiritual power. 

Alan Johnson was born in London, England only a few years before World War broke out. A natural-born medium, Alan felt spirits around him from childhood but didn’t embrace his remarkable psychic abilities until after raising a family and building successful businesses in England. At the age of 52, Alan met Pam during one of his trips traveling the world giving readings. Within less than a year of their meeting, Alan began a second life, when he relocated to Hawaii and married Pam. Alan says he went on to live a third life through the veil with Pam. One of the first things Alan said to Pam when he returned to her was that he would teach loved ones in spirit how to come through to their loved ones here, because many of them need help to project their energy into the physical world.  This has been confirmed by mediums who have told some of Pam and Alan’s students that their partners are indeed being helped to come through to them by someone on the Other Side.  

Pam and Alan model a partnership through the veil for other interdimensional couples who want to do the same.