NEW! Audio-Email Mini Readings

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A NEW affordable option to receive channeled guidance and healing to help you connect with your loved ones through the veil. Your reading is recorded on audio without you being present and delivered via email. 

If you aren't sure if your loved one wants to continue your relationship through the veil, this mini-reading will clear that up!  


Ask ONE specific question or area of concern, providing as much information as possible (including the names of individuals you are asking about, the context of your question, and anything else Pam should know). 

Note: this is NOT a mediumship reading.  

Or request a custom guided meditation attunement to connect with your loved one and develop your spiritual abilities. Regular practice of your custom attunement will strengthen your spiritual abilities as well as your connection to your loved ones and spirit team.  

[Attunements are a transmission of spiritual frequencies from the higher realms: a Reiki Attunement is one example--it connects the student to the Universal Life Force energy known as Reiki.]

Or request an energy scan to balance and heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Or Pam can channel what your Spirit team of guides and angels want you to know.  They might pass on details of a past life, or want to give you healing, or Pam may be given something completely new that Spirit has never shared before.

The reading is an audio recording lasting between 15-20 minutes, sometimes longer. Pam channels until the energy or the information stops.

The recording will be emailed to you within 7-10 days after your selected appointment time. Please check your SPAM and promotions folders if you cannot see the email or reach out to [email protected] if you still can't find it.


You will not be speaking to Pam in real-time, and there are no follow-up questions.

She will take your question or request and record the answer then email the recording to you.

You may pay for another email reading if you have further questions.

If you would like a longer reading, we suggest booking a 45-minute session with Pam; the fee is just $97 (discounted for a limited time)---Scroll Further Down to Learn More

[***Disclaimer: Readings are meant for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be relied upon for medical advice, as Pam is not a doctor. Please consult a licensed professional for your mental, emotional, and physical healthcare needs.]


Bridge to Heaven Sessions and Psychic Channeled Readings


A medium is a psychic who can communicate with the spirits who have passed.  

But did you know that YOU are the best medium when it comes to communicating with those you love in the spirit world because of the bonds of love that connect you?  

Do you yearn to make contact with your loved one without going through a medium but don't know where to start? 

Deep meditation is a proven way for people to connect with the spirit world. 

What we experience in our minds is real and true!  The best way to prove that is for us to have direct experience of our guides and loved ones in spirit.  

So how can you do that?

During your Bridge to Heaven session Pam and Alan will lay a solid foundation for you by teaching you a proven process to make direct contact on your own. 


The Bridge to Heaven Session  

During Your Session, You Will:

  • Learn a powerful affirmation that will help you achieve a deep state of relaxation that is necessary for spirit contact.¬†
  • Expand your psychic awareness to perceive the other side as the spirit world begins to interact with you.¬†
  • Learn to make direct contact through Pam and Alan's proprietary guided meditation exercise.¬†
  • Discover that by replaying the recording of your session, you'll be able to refine your connection to your loved one in spirit.
  • After the session, Alan will continue to help your loved one make contact with you.¬†


For a limited take you can pay just $197 (reg. price $250) for a 90-120 minute Bridge to Heaven Session includes an mp3 recording for you to download and keep. 

Be sure to take this session in a quiet location so you won’t be disturbed on a computer with a strong Internet connection. Pam must be able to see your face during the session.  

All Sales are Final.

There are no refunds if you miss the appointment, although you can reschedule in advance (use the link in your email confirmation).  

Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that you read Pam and Alan's book, to learn what is possible in an interdimensional relationship:
Supernatural Love, A True Story of Life and Love After Death 

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Channeled Readings with Pam and Alan

Extraordinary 45-Minute Channeled Psychic Readings Through the Veil 

Receive insight and guidance for any area of your life and connect with loved ones through the veil as Pam and Alan channel your loved ones and spirit team.

These readings do not take the place of Pam and Alan's proprietary Bridge to Heaven sessions that teach you how to make direct contact on your own with Alan helping your loved one in the spirit world but a reading can help you get started in making contact. 

These readings can also give you guidance in any area of your life: career, work, relationships, and spiritual growth. 

Alan is a natural-born medium trained in England, while Pam is an accomplished channeler who has communicated with the spirit world for over 35 years. However, Pam prefers to identify herself as a channeler who happens to speak to and embody spirits on the other side, including deceased loved ones to Archangels and ascended beings.

Since 1987, Pam has conducted channeled readings and taught spiritual development for over 35 years to thousands of clients and students in Hawaii and worldwide. 

Pam's work teaching with Alan through the veil puts her at the forefront of what she describes as the Love After Death experience that countless people are reporting.

Psychic Channeled Readings, Energy Scan Healings, and Custom Attunements

45 Minute Sessions to Address Your Needs

Who are these sessions for? 

  • Those who already KNOW their loved one has survived death and want to. learn to connect with them. Much more than a conventional mediumship reading that conveys information, your reading will lay a foundation for you to connect directly, and Alan will continue to help you and your loved one after the reading,¬†
  • Those who seek direction and guidance in any area of their life: relationships, work, career, spiritual development,¬†
  • Those in need of healing for their body, mind, and spirit.¬†

The special Discounted price of $97 for 45 Minutes includes an mp3 recording.

(Regular price: $125)


Testimonial From an Audio-Only Readings

I just received the energy scan recordings for both my husband and myself from Pam. When describing my husband, Pam was completely accurate, affirming that he is here to support me, which was reassuring to hear. Despite my concerns about pushing healing on him, Pam assured me that it's aligned with his soul's desires, although ultimately, it's up to him to accept it.  Btw, hubby is sleeping like a baby, usually he is busy doing stuff and doesn’t fall asleep until 2 or 3 in the morning,

As for my energy scan, my desire to spiritually open up, was evident to Pam and Alan. She provided specific guidance on affirmations to say, meditation duration, and step-by-step instructions, which is exactly what I need given my tendency to overthink things. 

 Based on my experience, I highly recommend scheduling an energy scan or booking a session with Pam. Her insights and guidance are invaluable.

‚ÄĒ Marian T.

Testimonials From The Bridge to Heaven Sessions

The Bridge to Heaven is the most wonderful gift! During our session, it was truly amazing to go through the meditation with Pam and so vividly meet my beautiful husband where I could feel, know and see him so clearly. I felt the most intense love from him that it moved me to tears of joy. Our love and connection has only grown stronger every day since. And I’m so happy that our relationship has moved forward into a much deeper and stronger new place. Love never dies! Our loved ones want to connect with us and the Bridge to Heaven heals and helps us do exactly that. Forever grateful to Pam and Alan!

--- Susan A.

After a 3-day ‚Äėmeltdown‚Äô with partnership issues- I made a Bridge to Heaven session appointment for 7 July to improve communication with my husband.¬†¬†¬†Surprise! For the first time since early 2021, I had 2 visits from George in one week- one on 7 July- the other on 13 July. In the latter visit- after lots of electricity and dragging me out of bed by the feet at 3 am; he spoke with me.¬†¬†Saw him very clearly and heard- 'please persevere; the best is yet to be'.¬†¬†Now feel a reset. Thank you, Pam and Alan!

--- M. Wakefield