Going Beyond Mediumship to Direct Contact


Psychic mediums do not facilitate direct contact with loved ones in spirit for their clients. Instead, they act as a go-between, delivering messages to show that a loved one has survived death.  This is a wonderful first step to gain assurance the loved one has survived death.

Unfortunately, this knowledge alone is not enough to heal grief.

Most people are unaware that direct communication and even physical contact are possible because most mediums don’t even understand this. Even if they do, they may not realize that contact can be ongoing, and in the case of a partner or spouse, that it can be daily for the rest of our lives. 

Direct after-death contact has been occurring all along but most of the people who experience it have been afraid to talk about it fearing being judged. Finding information about this phenomenon has been near to impossible.

Fortunately, the Internet has changed all that.

Now, people are gathering online in groups like Pam and Alan’s, (CLICK HERE TO JOIN) Soulmates in the Afterlife, where, finally feeling safe, they are sharing their stories of ongoing contact.

Alan merges with Pam during their mediumship readings to deliver an extraordinary session that delivers healing, and insight, and lays a solid foundation for you to make direct contact on your own. 

The Bridge to Heaven Session   

During Your Session:

  • You are guided to make direct contact through Pam and Alan's proprietary guided meditation exercise using the Bridge to Heaven.
  • You learn how to develop your innate spiritual gifts. 
  • You receive spiritual advice and guidance about your life.
  • You learn that by replaying the recording of your meditation session, you'll be able to refine your connection to your loved one in spirit.
  • After the session, Alan will continue to help your loved one make contact with you for as long as necessary.


$250 for a 60-90 minute Bridge to Heaven Session includes an mp3 recording. (DISCOUNTED from $297 for a limited time.)

All Sales are Final.

No refunds. Rescheduling permitted.

Although it is not required, it is recommended that you read Pam and Alan's book, to learn what is possible in an interdimensional relationship, here is the Amazon link:
Supernatural Love, A True Story of Life and Love After Death 



Bridge to Heaven Testimonials

The Bridge to Heaven is the most wonderful gift! During our session, it was truly amazing to go through the meditation with Pam and so vividly meet my beautiful husband where I could feel, know and see him so clearly. I felt the most intense love from him that it moved me to tears of joy. Our love and connection has only grown stronger every day since. And I’m so happy that our relationship has moved forward into a much deeper and stronger new place. Love never dies! Our loved ones want to connect with us and the Bridge to Heaven heals and helps us do exactly that. Forever grateful to Pam and Alan!

--- Susan A.


After a 3-day ‘meltdown’ with partnership issues- I made a Bridge to Heaven session appointment for 7 July to improve communication with my husband.   Surprise! For the first time since early 2021, I had 2 visits from George in one week- one on 7 July- the other on 13 July. In the latter visit- after lots of electricity and dragging me out of bed by the feet at 3 am; he spoke with me.  Saw him very clearly and heard- 'please persevere; the best is yet to be'.  Now feel a reset. Thank you, Pam and Alan!

--- M. Wakefield