On May 28, 2024, Our Facebook group, Soulmates in the Afterlife, was hacked, leaving us unable to serve and teach our 3,000 members or grow our business as we had been doing for the last 4 years since Alan passed.
We have submitted evidence of the hacker including his identity to Facebook but do not know if we will get our group back. It may take several months, if it happens at all.

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💜 While we look for other ways to teach, reach, and grow our audience, we appreciate your support in any amount you can give. Our mission is changing and saving lives. 

Your donation will go a long way to help us keep the doors open to our Supernatural Love Academy--our Signature Spiritual Coaching Program and Community where we help people from around the world learn how to reunite with their loved ones who have passed so they can continue the bonds of love between them.
💜 Thank You, in Advance!💜
Whatever financial support you offer, whether it be a one-time donation or monthly, will go far in supporting our mission to offer scholarships to those in need and help us eradicate grief by teaching people how to continue their relationships through the veil.
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Whether our business and the Academy continue or not, we will never stop spreading the good news that no one dies, and life and love can continue between Heaven and Earth! 
💜With Much Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation,💜
Pam and Alan