We humbly ask your support to help us spread the word that no one dies and that we can remain in touch with those we love on the Other Side on an ongoing basis if we choose.
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💜 Teach for free every week inside our free Facebook group, Soulmates in the Afterlife. 
💜 Give our ebook away every 3 months on Amazon so no one has to pay to read Supernatural Love, A True Story of Life and Love After Death, to learn what is possible when it comes to after-death communication.
💜 Publish our second book, Channeling Heaven, once we pay down the debt incurred to publish our first one.
💜 Offer scholarships for our Supernatural Love Academy where we coach, teach and offer healing twice a week to students around the world.  
Whatever monetary gift you choose, whether it's a one-time donation or monthly, will go far in supporting our mission to eradicate grief by teaching people how to continue their relationships through the veil.
No one dies, and life and love continue forever!  
With Love and Gratitude,
Pam and Alan Johnson