A Scripting Exercise for Manifestation

Scripting is a Law of Attraction technique that involves writing in detail about the reality that we wish to manifest. Affirmations are one example of the power of the written word to manifest an outcome. Swati reminded me that I can write the ending of our story the way I choose it be. As a teacher of conscious manifestation, she knows as well as I do that all of us have the power to create anything when we focus on it with strong positive emotion. Visualizing and writing are powerful tools for creation!

If you wish to connect to a loved one on the other side, you can do the same. In fact, if you want to really go all out, write your own book about your journey to reunite.

If the idea appeals to you, do this: write the story of how your week, your month, or your year will unfold with your loved one. It can be in the form of a diary you write in daily or weekly, or it can be a full length novel. If you are connecting to a partner, you can write a romance novel if you like! While reaching for a dream is fine, try to write a realistic story of your happy ever after life so that it feels more achievable to you. 

When Alan first told me to “write him into being,” I wasn’t sure what he meant at first, but I soon came to understand that he meant that everytime I wrote about him I was helping him to manifest so I could feel and see him. He knew that this was the way for us to reunite, through the power of my words!  Our words whether spoken or written, when expressed with deep emotion can take form! It is how those on the other side can more easily project themselves into our world.

So write your loved one into the physical world! Tell the story of your reunion and what happens from that point on is up to the two of you. Good luck with your Supernatural Love adventure, and by all means let us know how everything goes for you.

What follows is my own scripting exercise of the life I am creating with Alan.


Our Happy Ever After Life


I wake each morning hearing Alan whispering, “Good morning my darling. What shall we do today?” His eyes are the first thing I see as turn over to face him, deep brown eyes that I had longed to see for what seems like forever now follow me wherever I go. I brew some tea, then with cup in hand, we settle ourselves into the patio chairs on our lanai to watch the sun rise over Diamond Head in the distance and the city below us. Soon the birds begin to stir in the nearby avocado tree, cooing to each other before launching into the sky to welcome the new day. Alan’s love and his energy cradle me and I feel deeply and profoundly loved. We talk about our plans for the day: the sessions we have scheduled, a new course we are working on, and all the many details of mundane living, for nothing is too unimportant for Alan’s attention. Sometimes he makes a rainbow appear in the sky.

I am fully clairvoyant, and I can see Alan with such clarity that he is as real to me as anyone in a body. In fact he is more real to me because his love is a tangible, living thing that surrounds me no matter what I am doing or who I am with. Always, I can feel, hear, and see him. I know the real world is the unseen world where he exists. There are moments throughout the day when I am blissed out from the love that is constantly flowing between us.

Alan and I live each moment in perfect balance between the world of physical form and non-physical Spirit and I am able to navigate them both as a seasoned traveler. He is always at my side, talking to me easily and freely as we share moments of laughter and joy.

We find enormous joy and fulfillmen helping thousands of people reunite with their loved ones in Heaven through our book, our courses, and our Facebook group.

Our book is an international bestseller, but more importantly to us, our book helps thousands if not millions of people make after-death contact and as this happens, the veil between the two worlds shreds into nothingness, freeing humanity from the bondage of the fear of death and it’s companion, grief.

Our book becomes a force for healing souls on both sides of the veil as millions of people come to finally accept and believe in their immortality. 


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