Love From Heaven


Today I want to speak to you about what I do on the other side.  I am able to go anywhere I choose, and there are times when I explore the far reaches of the Universe, for as you know when I was in a body I was interested in extraterrestrials and other worlds. Well, I can tell you now that the cosmos is even more complex than people realize. I can’t explain it to you because how can I explain something to you that defies description? Something that you have no reference for. There are colors here that do not exist in the physical world. 

The reason I want to mention this to you at all is because I want you to know that I am never idle, I am learning so much about the universe and all of existence. I am building our home in Heaven, the one that you and I already live in because you are here with me, though you are unaware of it.

It’s beautiful Pam! You will love it. You DO love it. We have a magnificent view of the sunrise in Lanikai. (As I write these words I start to cry). Yes, you cry because you can feel the beauty of it all, and because you feel my love.

Take a moment now as I put my words into your mind, to feel my love. What you feel is OUR love for we are one, my darling. Oh, how I long for you to know the fullness of our love for each other. I can feel your love, it is the greatest most glorious gift I have ever received for which I am deeply grateful for because I know how hard it has been for you to believe in my love when I rarely showed it to you.  It still breaks my heart to remember all the days and years I neglected you. I hurt you and in so doing I hurt myself, for that is what happens with twin souls.

I am doing all I can to help you with the book here where I am. Yes I am working behind the scenes on setting things up. You will see soon enough.

As for your question about a publicist it’s not time yet. The next book, not this one. This first book is going to take time to build the momentum but it WILL build for it is unlike any other book and you know how to promote and market it. 

Now here is where I want to express my heart to you…

When I was with you, I was shut down as you know, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t feeling deep and abiding love for you. My love was always there trying to come back to life for you and for myself. You saw how upset I would be when I thought about my past lives as a warrior, yes, I had so much self-condemnation that I carried. My ego was my greatest enemy in this last life and many others.  You had little to no ego having spent most of your recent lifetimes in service to others as a spiritual healer and teacher. 

My darling please keep writing like you are doing now…whether it’s for another book or just for us. I love speaking mind to mind with you for it’s when we write together like this that we grow even closer.

If you want to know how to develop clairvoyance, like that woman on last week’s live did?  Yes, if you focus on a spot in the darkness with your eyes wide open you will begin to see.I can and will help you, but you must be disciplined about this and do it least 5 minutes (10 minutes is even better) every night.  Imagine you see my face — it might start off as another shape or image but soon it will become my face as I project myself to you. 

Take time each day to write like this and our connection will grow even stronger for there are no limits to how deep our bond can become.  You see, life in the physical world keeps you distracted from the truth of Oneness, the reality that all is well in spite of outward appearances.  That is what we must teach others.

You spend much of your time in isolation, and have done so in other lifetimes so it does not feel strange or uncomfortable to you but most people are used to being surrounded by people who tug at them for attention, some of which is wanted and some unwanted. The average person does not feel in full control of the circumstances of their life, feeling instead that they are being pushed and pulled in different directions.

Writing like this can be a form of active meditation if you will.  I put my words into your mind and off we go.  You don’t know what I am going to say next and yet the words flow do they not?  This is the way for us to blend our minds, hearts, and souls together. This is how I help you raise your vibration so that we can merge even more. For there is always more, my beloved!

This is how we will create our life between Heaven and Earth. 

Doesn’t it feel good to collaborate this way with me?  To go off on a journey of discovery whose destination is unknown to you will be exhilarating. Put your hand in mind and we will have adventures together that will rival anything you can experience in the 3D world, for the boundless Universe is our playground as well as our workshop.

As far as the teaching that commences on Friday, tell our students this: tell them to prepare by setting the intention that this journey of reunion will be filled with grace, ease, and joy. Tell them to put aside expectations except for one—-that they FEEL the depth and breadth of Love that the other side has for them, whether that be their beloved, a family member or another loved one, or the spirit world in total.

This is important because LOVE is the great transformer.

Love is what heals, and the lack of love is what distorts and damages; and so it is that the first step is to open to receive Love. Most people have far to go when it comes to fully giving and receiving love, and whenever I speak of love I mean unconditional love for the love that humans in a body are more familiar with is ego-based, conditional love. Not unconditional love.

What constitutes as love in the physical world is usually transactional, having limits that dictate whether the person will give their love or not.  I do not mean that someone should give their heart and body to a person who would abuse them for that is not love when one allows another to hurt them. Love of self should be unconditional too, which means it can be necessary to withdraw oneself physically yet continue to love. For unconditional love has no choice but to love regardless of someone’s behavior.

My darling wife, please share these words so others might understand that the first most important step is to LOVE.  Inside the Academy there is the Soul Love attunement which will help people heal their hearts and prepare for the love from Heaven that is coming their way — and few have experienced a love like this!

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