With Pam and Alan Johnson 

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Welcome to the Supernatural Love Academy a unique group coaching program for anyone who wishes to connect with the spirit world by learning how to channel their guides, angels, and loved ones in spirit.  

Learning to Channel is one of the pillars of the Academy program as it is easy to communicate with loved ones in spirit when can connect to our Higher Self and our guides.  

While mediumship focuses on deceased loved ones, channeling opens a much wider door to include loved ones as well as our higher self, guides, our angels, guides, and God/Source. Practiced in this way, channeling can lead to a graceful awakening of your spiritual gifts while providing guidance, healing, and support along the way


The Channeling state is a slightly altered state that everyone experiences from time to time. It has been described as a state of flow characterized by becoming so engrossed in an activity that time practically seems to disappear. 

It is possible to learn how to access these higher states at will, and depending on who you need to connect with, it can lead to receiving higher guidance, healing, an expansion of your consciousness, developing psychic awareness, raising your vibration, and more

Channeling, as taught by Pam Johnson, an experienced channeler and Reiki Master teacher, and her husband Alan, a psychic medium who teaches with Pam through the veil, can foster communication and relationships with loved ones on the other side.

An Overview of Subjects Discussed in the Academy

  1. Channeling Heaven 
  2. Understanding the Nature of Reality
  3. Beyond the Law of Attraction—learning how manifestation really works and why most people get it wrong.
  4. The Power of Affirmations
  5. Becoming Who You Really Are—why this is the key to direct spirit contact.  
  6. Exploring Lucid Dreaming — to build a bridge to Heaven and live between the two worlds.
  7. The 5 Principles for Self-Mastery 

 💜 Channeling Heaven—Pam and Alan’s signature channeling course teaches channeling as a spiritual practice of self-realization. This is a standalone course, but for optimum benefit is best paired with the Supernatural Love Academy coaching program for a minimum of one year, as group practice is necessary to get the most out of channeling.  

💜 Understanding the Nature of Reality—-the physical world is an illusion that we dream individually and collectively. The larger part of us is fully awake and remains in the non-physical while we express only a small portion of our consciousness into our physical bodies. We are in Heaven right now. Understanding the mechanics of how reality is constructed will help you navigate the two worlds with greater ease and joy for spiritual growth and spirit contact.

💜 Beyond the Law of Attraction—your Higher Self is always manifesting for your highest good from the core of Who-You Really-Are, but your ego-personality, with its limiting beliefs, can block you from receiving what you want. Learn the THREE crucial steps for manifestation and why the last step requires letting go of all expectations. You'll learn why getting what you need will always fulfill you, while getting what you want could make your life miserable. 

 💜 Power of Affirmations—-you are an aspect of God born with ALL of the powers of the creator. You create through your thoughts! Learn how to harness the power of affirmations to change your beliefs, raise your vibration, manifest what you need, and transform your life from the inside out. Pam and Alan lead you through healing affirmations and other exercises that can help you let go of limiting beliefs and anchor positive ones.

💜 Becoming Who You Really Are—your self-concept of who you are was formed by those around you as soon as you were born. You have been influenced and programmed by the beliefs of your parents, teachers, friends, and society. You soaked it all in like a sponge and accepted many of these beliefs automatically. It's time to examine your beliefs to see if they are holding you back. This is required if you hope to become the authentic person you really are, for nothing less than being your true self will lead to lasting happiness and success. 

💜 Exploring Lucid Dreaming—a lucid dream is a dream in which you wake up while dreaming and, knowing you are awake. When lucid, you can consciously direct your dream, including be with a loved one in spirit. A lucid dream is experienced as real as being in the physical world, which should not surprise us since the physical world is the true dream world, and the dream world is halfway to the Other Side, which is the eternal, stable reality.  

💜 NEW! Pam and Alan Manifest for the Group

Pam affirms for the group on a daily basis to boost their ability to manifest their relationship through the veil. The group energy makes it easier to manifest together!  You must maintain a clean mental diet (meaning: stay positive in your thoughts) and believe that Pam can manifest for you to have the best results.  You will learn how to manifest using the power of affirmations. 


  • You want to continue a relationship with a loved one in spirit and/or connect with your spirit team, and understand that developing yourself spiritually by clearing your limiting beliefs and becoming who you really are is what you must do if you want to experience the most sublime direct contact.
  • You are a spiritual seeker who knows you are here to grow spiritually to the fullest. You understand it is not a coincidence that you are living during the time of Ascension-- a time in which every soul who wishes to can raise their vibration and live predominantly in a positive state, and thus not only manifest their best life but have a profound effect and be of service to everyone around them.
  •  You have questions about the idea of spirit contact. Still, you are open-minded and want to explore the experience for your development since you know that direct experience is the best evidence of the afterlife.
  • You are intensely curious and/or feel guided to join, even if you don’t fully understand why. (It could be your loved one or guides in spirit nudging you.).   

Join Pam and Alan's Supernatural Love Academy, and they will help you achieve your spiritual goals whatever they are. Together they have 36 years of experience as spiritual teachers, channelers, mediums, and healers. 


The Supernatural Love ACADEMY is where Pam and Alan teach you how to make direct contact with your loved ones in spirit, guides, and angels, by expanding and changing your beliefs, and mastering direct communication using the art of channeling among other processes, so you can continue your relationship through the veil. This is done via weekly coaching, workshops, special exercises, and group sharing.

  • TWICE Weekly Live coaching -- Tuesdays at 4:30 pm Los Angeles/Pacific time, AND Saturdays at 1 pm Los Angeles/Pacific time every month Check the time in your location:
  • All Meetings are livestreamed into the private Academy Facebook group with the replays uploaded after being edited into the membership site. You do not have to attend live to benefit from the classes!  Time and space are illusions everything happens NOW. 
  • Featuring Group Sharing sessions–because there is much to learn and gain from hearing about the experiences of others, plus friendships are made for additional support.
  • Coaching and Workshop sessions focusing on a concept or subject such as Channeling, Manifestation, Lucid Dreaming, and Clairvoyance.
  • Guided meditation exercises designed to help you blend and connect with your loved ones and guides and angels.
  • Your loved one in spirit attends their own class on the Other Side with Alan (this has been confirmed independently by mediums).
  • Access to over 140 Videos on Demand of past coaching sessions, healing attunements, and additional training---all contained in an Online Membership Portal that you can access on your cell phone.
  • Private Academy Facebook Group and Group Chat for members only---share your experience and get support on a daily basis from Pam and your fellow members 


😇 Receive help from Pam and Alan to manifest your interdimensional relationship using the power of Affirmations.

😇 Learn about the Nature of Reality and who you are as a soul will help you align with your Higher Self and be who you are so you can become a master at manifesting, including your relationship through the veil. 

😇  Develop your psychic abilities with grace and ease by learning to channel.

😇  Learn how to connect with your Higher Mind, the part of you that is completely psychic, is connected to God/All That Is, and is constantly doing its best to guide and help you.  

😇  Learn how to reunite with loved ones as well as receive guidance, support, and even healing from your spirit allies who want to love, guide, and support you.

Once your belief and trust in the unseen world become a KNOWING to the core of your being, the door to the Other Side will open WIDE.

But it all comes down to YOU deciding to take this journey.

Pam and Alan will help you strengthen your connection with your loved ones and the spirit world and help you spiritually evolve by stepping into living as the Creator/God of your reality.  

For the Price of a Single Workshop, You Can Receive Group Coaching for a Full Year plus new classes with Pam, Alan, and their guest teachers.

(This special introductory price is for a limited time only.)

Examples of Subjects Covered

  • Learn to Channel
  • Rewriting the Past
  • Developing Clairvoyance
  • The Power of Affirmations
  • Conscious Manifestation 
  • Exploring Lucid Dreaming for Direct Contact
  • Healing Emotional Distortions and Limiting Beliefs
  • Special Meditation Exercises to Enhance Spirit Contact 
  • Guest teachers and More! 
  • Read the TESTIMONIALS at the bottom of this page!


Academy members are invited to join the Supernatural Love Community where friendships and connections are made through deeper discussion and additional opportunities for support, sharing, and learning.


Contact: [email protected] for scholarship options.


Donations are gratefully accepted to support Pam and Alan's scholarship efforts to make their program available to as many people as possible. Thank you for your generous support! Please consider a monthly donation of any amount.  

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