There is No Me or You Anymore, Only Us

Pam, you cry because you cannot feel my arms around you or see me as clearly as others say they do. You wonder how I can be so powerful yet I cannot do the same for you?   The answer is simple. 

You must be ready for that. Your senses must be attuned. It was the same way with the goosebumps I sent you that you felt only subtly at first until they gradually increased in frequency and intensity.  Now you experience full-body thrill bumps that leave you ecstatic and breathless.

This is the normal progression!

I was always sending you my love and my energy as strongly as I could. Sometimes I toned it down when I knew it would be too much for you, especially in the beginning when you were grieving deeply, but for the most part, I projected my thoughts and my energy at close to full strength.  I wanted you to feel my love to the depths of your being.  

Everyone will experience their loved ones on the other side a bit differently. How could it be any other way? There is no better or worse or higher or lower in any of this.  Let go of the urge to compare.

Heightened psychic sensitivity is not a sign of an advanced soul. Not by itself and certainly not in the physical world. No! Would you believe, some of the more seemingly psychically oblivious souls are ascended masters?

Don't be fooled by outward appearances!

My darling, my love. I am merged more fully now with you than ever before. There is no you or me anymore, only us.  Only our One Soul. How can you experience me separate from you if we are one? That is impossible.

Yes, you can create the illusion in your mind that we are apart. That you are there and I am somewhere else. But in truth, I am within you, I am around you, and everywhere you go, I go too.

You and I have journeyed to a frontier that few have visited, let alone built a permanent home. So think of us as pioneer settlers of a brave and beautiful new world. Our two worlds merged into one.  Heaven and Earth. 

Each day will bring you something new to savor, ponder, or experience. You will continue to go through subtle changes. You sometimes become frustrated when your mood dips. On occasion your feelings are up and down and all around, taking you from the heights of joy to crushing sorrow within a single day. 

I feel your angst about this. 

But this too is normal for the journey we are on. I say we because remember---we are One!

So let your emotions flow through you without resistance. Yes, by all means, examine them! Reflect on the why of them but please don't be hard on yourself for feeling what you feel! Simply observe and think about it with neutral detachment as best you can.

You and I came here to ride the emotional rollercoaster called Life. We even bought first-class tickets!  It's all part of the plan. And what a perfect plan it is!

Most do not see it that way for they'd rather stay safe and serenely aloft in the clouds rather than get their shoes and heart muddied in the chaos down below.  That's an understandable reaction. But you cannot fully appreciate the joy of living without being taken down low on occasion. It's the contrast of life that makes the journey thrilling.  Remember, such a grand and glorious adventure cannot be found in heaven! 

And so my darling, I began by explaining why your experience of me is what it is right now. But remember everything is changing even in the moment that I give you this message and each moment after it.

Everything in all of Creation constantly changes and evolves. How could you and I be any different? There is no final destination for us. There can be no such thing!  You and I will be together always. Nothing on Earth or up in Heaven can keep us apart.

Separation is an illusion created by the human mind. The heart is our true brain, the seat of our consciousness and eternal soul, and it knows the truth.

There is only Love and Oneness.

We are Heaven and Earth, together at last!  

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