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"Connecting Through the Veil" to the Spirit Worl

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What Really Happens When We "die" (Which We Don't!)

Death is just an illusion. We are energy beings! We are a consciousness that lives on and can interact with the physical world, mind to mind, and soul to soul. Discover why direct contact is possible!


How to Begin to Connect to the Other Side

You can't expect to experience and communicate with a loved one in the spirit world using your logical mind. You have to quiet your thinking mind and enter your imagination where loved ones in the spirit world reach out to us.


Practical Advice  for Connecting to Your Loved One TODAY

Children see the spirit world because they spend most of their time in their imagination. When we imagine something we activate our right brain which opens the door to experiencing them.

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Get Started On Your Own Supernatural Love Journey! 

Maybe you thought  direct contact with the spirit world was impossible. 

Or maybe you thought you needed to be psychically gifted to connect with your loved one in Heaven

Both assumptions are not true!

Spirit communication, including direct contact, is not reserved for those who are spiritually advanced.  

Our loved ones in the spirit world will help us connect if we meet them halfway. 

Connecting Through the Veil was one of Pam and Alan's Facebook Lives held in their group, Soulmates in the Afterlife.

It includes a presentation that explains key information about love and life after death that anyone who has lost a loved one needs to know.

Direct Contact and Communication Made Simple

  • Spirit communication is not difficult once you understand how it works and how to access the "space" where they are. 
  • Communication is a two-way street; Spirit does their part, but we must heal our limiting beliefs, fears, and trauma, and blend with our Soul to connect to them. 
  • When you let go of your doubts and fears and completely trust your experience with your loved one in spirit, you can, in time, celebrate a reunion with them and a return to eternal Love.  

A Note From Pam Johnson...

I know the weight of the grief you are carrying. I know you might find it hard to believe that your loved one who died is still with you, let alone that you can communicate and be with them again, although it will obviously be in a new way. 

But I assure you this is true!

Of course, it won't be the same since they no longer have a body, but the soul that they are lives on and can interact with you to whatever degree you are comfortable with.

I didn't realize this myself until my husband Alan died. 

But the truth is, death cannot part us, because no one dies!

In my Facebook group, I've met others who have ongoing contact with their partners and loved ones in spirit. Some of their stories made my own experiences with Alan seem tame!  

Yes, there are many people having a relationship with someone through the veil.  

Whether you want to learn how to take the first step yourself or are already having experiences of your own, I invite you to watch our video. Perhaps you might even feel your loved one draw even closer to you when you do!

That and more is what Alan and I wish for you.  

For love never dies, and neither do we. 

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